dark_noldor's Justice League Dark #16 - The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter review

Of Fairies and Robots

Trapped in world where magic is fading and science rules all, the Justice League Dark is falling apart and their only hope lies in a boy who doesn't want to play mage anymore. Picking up from the exciting last issue, this number provides us tons of action: from an angry Deadman that enjoyed his first and last breath too shortly, to all the league who don't know how to match Vikar's might. The greatest thing about this series is how Lemire is doing a terrific job on telling a captivating story about relatively unknown and not class A characters, like Orchid and Frankenstein, without getting afraid to address the other important characters, like Constantine and Zatanna, in an original and impressive way, bringing a good balance to the story. Also, differently from other titles, this is a series that is not afraid to change it's arc story, this is the fourth arc story of the title and, unlike titles like Flash, Animal Man, etc, the rotation of stories comes together with high quality material. The fact the characters are all going through changes, rough ones, is a plus to entertainment: who wouldn't want to see Constantine in his "Liar" situation? What about Madame Xanadu's fate, terrific thriller!! Another great victory for this title was Lemire second shot with Frankenstein, since his title was chopped off, it's good to see this awesome character has a home in this series. Perhaps the bad thing here was how the characters down bellow are completely oblivious about the fact that their team mates might be looking for them, also the time line is a little bit confusing. Nevertheless, Janin's art continuous to perplex and amaze me, he's one of the best at DC right now, his realistic style founds no barrier with the complex panels involving fights, imagination and science-fiction stuff. The end of this issue, though a little farfetched, will prove to give us readers a great conclusion!

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