Justice League Dark #16

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The Good

With every issue that passes, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK has more and more of a Vertigo feel to it, which I love. This issue delves more into a world of mysticism mixed with old Vertigo elements than any of the other DC books on the shelves. They may not be the biggest selling point to your average reader, but it is to me. I like the incorporation of these elements into this book, and hopefully, it will be a gateway drug to Vertigo books for some readers.

We get to learn the whole dang history about the world the JLD has transported to in this issue, and the battle between science and magic as Timothy Hunter and Zatanna listen to some underground creatures in a campfire tale type story. On the surface, Frankenstein, Constantine, Xanadu, Deadman, and Orchid continue to fight Network Enforcer Vikar, who is constantly adapting to beat down the gang.

The fight on the surface world is fantastic, and tough to watch at the same time. I loved how it progresses as Vikar studies his enemies and determines the magic users must be eliminated. But what about Frankenstein? He's not a magic user! Well, that's a big part of this issue as well. It looks like, in the next issue, we'll get to finally see the world Vikar came from as well, so be prepared for some high-tech awesomeness.

The story of the world that Hunter and Zatanna learn was pretty good and a nice compliment to the action happening above. It gives a lot more depth to the world, and artist Mikel Janin puts these very cool borders around the panels where this story begins and ends. You'll notice it right away.

I've been a big fan of Mikel Janin's art since issue one of this series. He has been consistently awesome on this book. And even though I have a problem with the Face Off character (see below), that opening splash page (technically page three) is outstanding. Tons of credit should also go to colorist Jeromy Cox here as well, since the colors throughout the book are very nice.

The Bad

As you may or may not know (you probably don't because I feel like I'm the only person who watches that show sometimes), the show Face Off, on Syfy Channel, had one of the creatures they created on the show featured in this issue of JLD. I'm sour towards the idea, and because I knew this was happening, when I saw the creature from the show in the issue, I got a bit mad. My feelings on this are illogical and dumb, but that's just how I felt reading the book. Luckily, the creature doesn't last long here, which was undoubtedly my favorite part.

I feel like this was the "beat the heck out of Deadman" issue. This makes me sad. On top of that, Constantine can't lie in this world, which is fine, but why does he have to give important information away? Keeping information to yourself isn't lying, right? Maybe I'm just being nit-picky, but there was one scene, in particular, where this happened that really bugged me.

The Verdict

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 16 is another hit! This is a side of the DC Universe so many Vertigo fans want to see in the mainstream books. Writers Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes are doing some unbelievably fantastic things on this book, and it will suck you right in. Artist Mikel Janin is also a huge part of what makes this issue (and series) so good, since he "kills it" every month. My only problems with the issue was the Face Off creature in the beginning. I was just a little annoyed that it's in the book. Also, I never can understand why someone who can't lie still has to give away important information. This is another one of those times where I really wish we had 1/2 stars.

Overall, I highly recommend this series and issue.

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