tomlikesfries's Justice League Dark #14 - Enter the House of Mystery review

Exploring the House of Mystery

The Good

This issue mostly focuses on The House of Mystery. Orchid, Frankenstein and Amethyst are exploring it, and it was certainly exciting to see all the different rooms and what kinds of dangerous creatures they contained. And I may wrong, but it might not be over. When the three finally seem to find the way out, the scene changes to Constantine, so what they think it's their ticket out of the "house" may actually be another one of the many traps inside it. Although those scenes stole the comic, they weren't the only enjoyable parts. We also saw Constantine and Deadman trying to find Zatanna and Hunter, who disappeared in the annual. I never read Hellblazer, but JLD is making John one of my favorite characters in comics. I truly love his personality and even more his dialogues.

Again turning my attention to the House of Mystery, I must say that the action scenes were certainly intriguing. It was superb to see the three "heroes" trying to escape the threats inside the weird home, and what made it even better was the funny dialogue between them.

This issue also shows a possible addition to the team. Amethyst may not take part of it, but it is possible that Frankenstein does. With 'Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. getting canceled, Frank may appear in Justice League Dark from now on. Of course, this is just a wild guess, although I would be pleased if it actually happened. Also, with the 'Books of Magic' story arc coming to an end, this issue gives the readers an idea of what the next storyline will feature, as Phantom Stranger and Pandora make an appearance at the end, talking about the next threat.

The Bad

Nolan's art is alright. I mean, it's good, but Janin's work on the pencils fits Justice League Dark perfectly. I could live with Graham working on this title, but, honestly, I would prefer otherwise. Besides that, although this was an extremely fun issue, it didn't make much progress, and it actually felt like a prologue to the next arc, due to the the appearances of two characters by the end.

The Verdict

As always, Lemire brings the readers a superb read. While I wasn't displeased with the artwork, I think Janin can do better. I say this gets a solid 8/10.

Posted by Dark Noldor

I think Nolan did a very good job here, especially penciling Frank and Constantine, perhaps the last pages (splash/spread Phantom Stranger were poor), but this issue was awesome!! Action, killing monsters, heck, seeing Lemire on Frank again is great!! Also, mentioning the Rot War and the appearence of you know who that dresses in purple was interesting too. Good review

Posted by blur1528

Was Booster in this issue? Curious to find him credited...

Posted by tomlikesfries

@blur1528: No, he was not. I think the wiki editors credited him because there's a panel in which we see countless files of various superheroes owned by Constantine. One of the files was Booster Gold's.

Posted by blur1528

@tomlikesfries: Ah. Thank you for saving me from disappointment.

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