starkiller809's Justice League Dark #12 - War for the Books of Magic, Part 1 review

Justice League Dark #12

Mikel Janin does an amazing job on this book. His style is very clean but has a much more complex feeling to it that makes it a pleasure to look at. The fact that he has has only a few fill in issues is another great thing about his work. The story get very interesting as the team splits into two. Jeff Lemire does a great job by adding to the plot by introducing another mysterious character and by having Felix trick the team into believing something. Seeing Constantine and Black Orchid talking was interesting and I think that it made the characters work better. Seeing the Houses as well were interesting and enjoyable. Seeing Doctor Occult was a good thing to see, more on that a little later. 
Doctor Mist's motivation isn't totally original. We've seen that before and we'll see it again. Zatanna is a great character but her powers are being portrayed a little weak. Doctor Occult is a cool character and the fact that they killed him off in only 7 panels is disappointing.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Justice League Dark has been a fun series with an interesting plot filled with interesting characters. The result is what you'd expect, an fun and interesting comic book that will please fans of any of the characters. If you are fan of any of these characters, or creators, then this is something for you because you get what you would expect from everything. I highly recommend this series to everyone. 

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