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"There's Something Wrong With June Moone"

Only one team can stop the all-powerful evil known as Enchantress, the mismatched group that will eventually become the Justice League Dark

The Good 
I think pretty much from the start that this series is clearly heading in a very surreal and morbid direction. From the debut of the seemingly possessed June Moone to what several members of the (normal) Justice League have to "fight", to Madam Xanadu's vision at the end of the issue. This issue has bucketfuls of bizarre moments littered throughout, and I'm glad writer Peter Milligan has gone in this supernatural direction instead of the high-concept superhero team-up the average comic reader has read many times already. 
We also through various conversations and cameos straight away get why the DC Universe needs a band of misfit mystics and occult specialists. There is as I've mentioned before an encounter with Enchantress and it's in the JLD to deal with her!

The Bad  
The initial "members" of the JLD in some cases are not introduced to the reader as well as I've hoped that they would be. I expected a little more depth into who there are and what they are capable of. It's a shame, because some kind of "summary" caption for each of their first appearances in the New 52 would of greatly benefited any completely new reader to DC. I however am vaguely familiar with most of the characters, so this wasn't as much an issue as I'm probably making it out to be! :p
Solid start, the reader will get how morbid and bizzare the series is going to be. A little more into who the characters are would of made this even better though. Recommended!

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