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In The Dark 0

If there is one thing that can be said about DC's New 52, it's that it broadens its appeal to a variety of readers. From the people who enjoy their superhero comics with Justice League, to proven favorites like Batman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, and even touches on some cult classics like Swamp Thing and Animal Man. In this aspect, it also opens the window for new concepts, like integrating WildStorm with StormWatch and Grifter. Another book that joins this bold, new group of concepts, is tak...

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A New League 0

The future is being torn asunder right in front of Madame Xanadu's eyes as she gazes from the present. Only a group of men and women led by Shade, the changing man, can stop the oncoming threat. The Justice League has already failed. Superman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman have fallen at the hands of The Enchantress. Who can champion justice when it faces the dark?I loved this book.Written by Petter Milligan and drawn by Mikel Janin, Justice League: Dark is the book that I've been waiting for to reig...

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The M Now Stands for Meta, but the Changing Man's Still Mad! 0

The Enchantress has gone mad (as she's want to do) and poor June Moone's life's been turned inside out as a result (as tends to happen). Madame Xandu summons Shade the Changing Man to bring together a team of the DCU's most powerful but problematic supernatural experts to bring down the insane sorceress before she turns the world (further) inside out.The GoodI've been waiting for this book ever since it was announced and I can't say enough how pleased I am with it!!!Ryan Sook's cover looks amazi...

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Dnib sih teef! 0

There were some strong elements in this issue but the overall effect was still a little bit less than what might be hoped for in a first issue.  First of all from an aesthetic perspective it should be noted that when the redesign of Zatanna came in it certainly was against the trend of many of the month's new releases - the fishnets are still there as an homage, but they are on her arms.  In their place is a regular costume which looks like it is made for action and not for show.  More important...

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A very unique team for a unique story... 0

So who do you call when even Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg can't handle a mystical threat? Why Justice League Dark of course. The third Justice League book in DC's New 52 relaunch is "Justice League Dark", a magic oriented title featuring an  intriguing band of characters primed for handling mystical problems.  Writer Peter Milligan's team consists of Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Shade, Zatanna, and John Constantine. We see they are all being mysteriously brought together and we get lit...

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Magical 0

Justice League Dark has intrigued me more than just about any other title in the New 52. The concept of basing a super-team on a handful of early Vertigo characters pushes my nostalgia buttons in a big way, and getting Peter Milligan to write it ensures at least a modicum of authenticity. Fortunately, only hardcore Vertigo purists will be able to find much to complain about in the first issue of the series.The main plot here is easy enough to follow: the Enchantress has lost her mind, and her ou...

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A darker Justice League! and no! this is not a 90's comic 0

First of all I must confess something, I'm a sucker for major team books. Yes I do collect the avengers, new avengers, secret avengers and avengers academy since they push forward the marvel universe and I love when heroes gather together to face big threats. Since before the reboot i only managed to read Jame's Robinson's Justice League Of America and I loved it. Seeing that DC is good at making team books I decided to pick all of the three justice league books and this one is the second best a...

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"Enter freely - unafraid." when entering Madness 0

What the normal Justice League of America is to the main DCU, the Justice League Dark seems to be the spine for the "Dark" books.  The Dark books were all aces in my opinion when looking at the 52.  Most of the Dark books had Vertigo writers or characters and that is why they have a very Vertigo feel to them.  When Superheroes moved to Vertigo, the series tend to have short life since the support was not there, since most people support the mainstream.  With the 52 it seems the classic Vertigo v...

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If anyone is in the dark its this writer 0

I am not impressed by this title at all. The concept and starting point is there, but the character writing and art are off putting, dull, wooden, and really the characters don't quite act as they would while some of the art doesn't pay attention to the writing... In particular we have Superman talking like a robot, Wonder Woman saying things similar to what Batman would say, Cyborg just there for a punchline. Batman smiles... for some reason. When Zatanna uses a spell for binding feet it binds ...

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ecitsuj eugael krad 0

DC Comics the New 52 is going everywhere. Taking the Justice League and drastically change it into a team of magicians seems like a no brainier. Did it leave up to the concept?  THE GOOD: The art is amazing. Maikel Janin does a great job at drawing this book and I'm loving the detail. The story is there too. I really like who we get to see a bit who these characters live before they get thrown into a team. Unlike Justice League, we get to see more then just 2 people fighting a single bad guy. He...

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Living in Darkness 0

DC Comics has always been home to quite a bit of magic and mysticism from its earliest days in existence. And although, the supernatural is as popular as ever, one might fear that DC would leave its more hard edged sorcery tales behind in favor of more lucrative superhero titles. It's good to see that off beat magick is still gambled on at DC. This issue, is all introduction, which is good and bad. The good is that seasoned maestro Milligan creates a terrific sense of mystery and dread. Janin's ...

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So... Why Would a Ghost Like Deadman Hide Around a Corner? 0

The name may not be great, but Justice League Dark more than makes up for that as it expertly sets up a new team of supernatural heroes in the DC Universe. Peter Milligan and Mikel Janin have really put together a high quality new book here that capitalizes on the new open season on Vertigo characters.This was a book I didn't know what to expect from. At first, the idea of throwing a bunch of Vertigo characters together on one team seemed like just a disaster in the making. Milligan's Flashpoint...

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Once a month DC dons black eyeliner & pumps to go out clubbing 0

I'm not sure how to review Justice League Dark, because I'm not sure how I really feel about it. It simultaneously exceeded my expectations while failing to live up to them, and being in many ways quite what I was expecting. And a sentence like that is exactly the kind of thing I'd expect a Peter Milligan character to say. I'll try to explain. I obviously assumed it was going to be a really powerful super team (the Justice League part of the name), but then an attempt to be all supernaturally-an...

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The Smell Of Sanity 0

The Story: Madame Xanadu looks into the future and sees great wickedness. The Enchantress has gone mad and not even the Justice League can stop her.  My Thoughts:This series has received a lot of attention and whole lot of anticipation towards its release. It combines a lot of the "magical" characters from DC/Vertigo who will eventually form Justice League Dark. I have to say it's an interesting move. I think a lot of people will love it but at the same time there's going to be a lot of people w...

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I want a meta vest now. 0

Review for Justice League Dark.The Story: Duplicates a woman are appearing around the world and the Enchantress is causing crazy magic attacks around the world.The Good: Milligan does a good job at introducing all of the characters who will be in the team and gives snippets of there personnality's. Shade seems to be the main character of the series because his M.O is definitely the oddest of the bunch, Shade is an alien from the planet Meta and has a meta vest that controls reality, that is defi...

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Justice League Magic! 0

My friends we find ourselves in front of yet another Justice League book that is actually better than the actual Justice League book. Just like Justice League International JLD takes the time to introduce the characters and their circumstances; they haven't met yet, but at least we know who they are and since this is a magic book omens work too.The story is pretty good, I like a mystery and magic, and apparently we're getting some madness too, which is nice. About the characters, I don't anythin...

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"Magic is simply that which is not yet understood." 0

Synopsis: When magic or the supernatural becomes a problem the Justice League can't handle, call on the experts: The Justice League Dark.What's Good?This is one of those series that has a mature outlook to it. The title states "T" for Teens, but something about the supernatural and magic always felt like there was something edgy and darker to it. And that's where The Justice League Dark comes in, taking characters who live for this kind of stuff. For me, Zatanna, Deadman, and Enchantress are cha...

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The Title Still Hasn't Grown On Me. 0

I'm a Constantine fan, I've loved him ever since I read All His Engines when it first came out. I've gone back and collected all the trades and every new issue he's been in since. So when it was announced he was coming back into the DC universe. I admit I was a little scared. Although I remained positive about the situation. Then the Search For Swamp Thing came out....ouch, that series was bad. Really Bad. I lost a little bit of hope with that series, and was beginning to agree with everyone els...

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Justice League Vertigo 0

The Good: Ryan Sook's cover is definitely cool. The interior artwork of Mikel Janin is a weird blend of realistic and surreal, and it fits the tone of this book perfectly. The beginning of this book sets up an interesting mystery. Everything is deliciously creepy without being grotesque. Having Madame Xanadu as the 'omniscient narrator' was an interesting choice. I know nothing about her, but this gives me a good feel for who she is. Nearly all of the characters are unfamiliar to me, but I got e...

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C'mon, Let Me Live Girl 0

"Never, never say goodbye To my part of your life No, no, no...Let me live..." She said, "C'mon let me live, girl." "This moment in time," She said, "it doesn't belong to you." She said, "It belongs to me.And to your little boy and your little girl, And the one hand clapping. Where on your palm is my little line When you're written in mine As an old memory?"- Kate Bush, "Jig of Life"Story/WritingThis is one of those issues that I feel could benefit greatly from ten more pages in order to establi...

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"There's Something Wrong With June Moone" 0

Synopsis   Only one team can stop the all-powerful evil known as Enchantress, the mismatched group that will eventually become the Justice League Dark! The Good   I think pretty much from the start that this series is clearly heading in a very surreal and morbid direction. From the debut of the seemingly possessed June Moone to what several members of the (normal) Justice League have to "fight", to Madam Xanadu's vision at the end of the issue. This issue has bucketfuls of bizarre moments litter...

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