Legal issues abotu Cry for Justice aftermath *spoilers*

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I am sure others have asked, but I have not seen anything here about it, but what is the deal with Star City's legal system?  Green Arrow kills Prometheus in the 'Ghost Zone', an area out of phase with reality or between dimensions, or something like that and yet Star City claims jurisdiction when it comes to arresting him for murder.  Putting all guilt over the act aside, would there be anywhere on Earth he would actually be legally accountable?  isn't alternate dimensions or whatever a little out of their jurisdiction?  And then the sentence of Banishment, definatly an outmoded (though still rarely used) sentence, however, it is usually reserved to keep people out of a state, country, or county, and almost never just a city.  Now, perhaps they implied somewhere that it was for the county, but i didn't see anything to that effect.  Also, seeing as how Green Arrow has done vigilante work in several states, and even several countries, and as Prometheus' attack was International, wouldn't it have been a Federal, or even an international case?  Certainly not Municipal.  These along with several other points are ok for fast tracking a story you want to tell, and would have been fine to sue back int he silver age, when people didn't think these things through very much, but you can't have a complex storyline like Cry for Justice, and then just rush through the aftermath to get to your next story.  Any lawyers out there know what it would be like?  any one got any issues of other things to cite?  anything i missed that makes no legal sense?

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