airdave817's Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 - The Gathering; The Origin Of The Atom review

The Heavy Ham Hand

I'm almost at a loss for words. Robinson's writing "voice" here is so completely different from what he was doing over in Starman it's almost unrecognizable. Of course, he wasn't really writing super-hero comics in Starman. He was writing three-dimensional, fully-formed people who just happened to be just a little different than you and I. Justice League: Cry For Justice could really use a direct, mainline infusion of Robinson's Jack Knight Opal City voice from Starman. 
There's a bit of it between Mikaal and Congorilla after the two pages that everybody on the internets have dissected. Wait - was that Batman or Batwoman sailing over Hal and Ollie? But then it seems to be - squrrel!! Houngan and Jason Bard are interesting choices. Along with Jay Garrick. There were moments of grandeur in Starman - "we have yet to see Mikaal return to the hero he once was!" But it was surrounded with a lot more that wasn't so corny. Here it's like driving across a cobblestone road, it's all so bumpy from so much corn. Total cheese fest. I get it, Ray Palmer is just as underrated as Hal. He has yet to realize his full potential. Once he does though (most likely as the cliffhanger in issue seven to eight) - look out!  
The most boring part of any movie is the first few minutes. Same with the first few chapters of any book. Laying the groundwork is always pretty dull and boring. I'm just waiting to see this team pull together and start cleaning house.  
The afterword on Ray Palmer with a Len Wein and Mark Bagley Atom origin is a treat. When you look over what DC has done with Ray Palmer, I guess I see Jay Garrick's point. A lot of interesting choices made along the way from there to here.    

Posted by The Black Hood

I honestly hated this issue.  Sometimes it feels like certain comic writers have expiration dates.  In my humble opinion Claremont ceased being readable in the early 90's.  Also I haven't liked anything that Morrison has done since his run on JLA.  Maybe Robinson should have quit at Starman and let us remember his writing at its peak.
After awhile you think people would learn from Lucas, sometimes you just need to give up.

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