fenderman's Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 - The Gathering; The Origin Of The Atom review

The League may be on to something here

First of all, when the Justice League is good it is a lot of fun.  When they are in a rut with fringe characters because of what is going on in those other books, it can be a drag.  Currently, the JLA is in that rut.  I do not buy that book to read about Dr. Light or Vixen.  Go back and read Meltzer's arc that started the newest JLA and see how and why it can be great.  Or, go look at the Morrison/Porter issues (and beyond) of the last run, which was also terrific.  So, when I heard that the writer of this Cry for Justice arc was going to move onto JLA when this series is done, I was excited to say the least.   Geoff Johns has made Green Lantern one of the coolest premier hereos in the DC universe right now and he can definately carry the JLA into the future if Superman, Batman and WW are off doing other things or dead right now. Green Arrow, Supergirl and the Atom are also cool charaters that bring a mix of young, old and muscle to the group.  Now, Congrilla and that blue guy from outer space, whose name escapes me, may need to convice me why they are there, but I am willing to learn more.  As for this series itself, the art is amazing and worth the purchase price alone, but the stroy is getting better, the charcthers explored well and a team is beginning to gel that might/hopefully  take over the regular JLA title so we can get some real tension and action in these stories.  The recent Arcs in JLA have been terrible and an infusion of some old school Justice would be much welcomed.  (find a way to keep Firestorm, though, he is cool.  And Black Canary).  Buy this series, it will lead into what is going to happen in JLA and the art is superior.
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Posted by dr.x

Well True Beleiver, I too have  read this  arc as well and,I find keep step with the Battel For Colw arc  and as for bring Congo Bill / Congrilla it 's in the sprit of 52 & some what The Red Circle arc with giving  new life  for old charters. It's a fun read  and it looks like  another home run for DC . 

DR . X
Posted by StaticJames

Well I got to say where was Batwoman in the issue? Where was Poison Ivy? They put them on the cover of Issue 1# and we are still yet to see them. I do want to read about Dr.Light though she seems like a strong heroine. I don't think some of the current line-up of the JLA will deserve to be cut out after struggling on with the league without a leader. It will be very odd if Black Canary were to get back into the league she just quit and now expected to come back not as leader? I do think that Hal is going to be annoying me if he became the proper leader of the JL. To me at this momment it's feeling like a JSA of Heroes that aren't quite the ones that everybody knows but they have heard of because of another character. This series is quite good, but since Hal wants Justice, I want to see some action. The story needs to pick up and fast they need a reason for Justice. Not just, 'I want to show off my heroics give me something to fight'
Posted by AirDave817

Cool review! I bailed on Justice League of America at the conclusion of the Red Tornado story arc. I guess I didn't agree with Meltzer that Red Tornado was the heart of the League. The League has always been The Magnificent Seven. Even though most of us remember the satellite League without The Martian Manhunter. His line-up was just that - his line-up. Just like this line-up is all James Robinson. I'm guessin that this team will form slowly; but for eight issues, you would think the team would form and and get to business quickly. 

Posted by sweatboy

How is including minor characters a bad thing? The creators are using great characters that were not maintained for long, that had potential. Congorilla appealed a lot to me. And I happen to like Kimiyo, since I followed JLE..you know, fire, ice, blue beetle, booster, power girl, Ralph Dibney, how are they lame?

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