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the premise of this team is idiotic. while hal and ollie are a-list heros with alt of expirience fighting evil. the rest of the team are relativley new to superheroing(supergirl,batwoman) or have very unknown or unrecognized careers congo bill for example. also James said Ray palmer dosen't have a personality this is untrue read JLA around 27 or 37. he's a good natured, good humored professor who I doubt would use techinquethat jean used to kill sue as a means of torture.

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Posted by Shanana

Supergirl new? being in the Teen titans, The outsiders and Legion of Superheroes still makes her new?

The only thing i can say i didn't like about this is, that it came out way to late so it's running into the new krypton Story arc, in one book you have Kara and Kal on New krypton, then in the next they are on the moon WTF.

Posted by AirDave817

I'm thinking that you might be referring to this iteration of Supergirl being "new". I'm thinking that this Supergirl is the one that Jeph Loeb rebooted around Superman/Batman about 2006. Batwoman and this iteration of The Atom are just as new. I'd imagine a lot of readers might be less familiar with some of the characters aside from Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Green Arrow Oliver Queen. This concept was done much more successfully as Batman and The Outsiders.  

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