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Crisis on Two Earths Review

I have seen nearly all the DC animated movies now. This one ranks in between on the scale. It wasn't the best of them but it was far from bad. The story revolves around the Justice League going to Earth 3 to battle their Crime Syndicate counterparts. All the action is good as expected and there are a good amount of characters. It has all the Justice League members you know will be in it, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. It also had some less famous people like Red Tornado and Fire Storm. I only have two complaints with this movie. The first is about Martian Manhunter being in a relationship with the daughter of the president, who happens to be Deathstroke. The other issue I have is with Batman. His voice is not right and he also does something that is very  un-Batmanlike. I won't say what it is but it is something Batman shouldn't do. In the end it was a pretty good movie it just had some minor problems.

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