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Review of the movie 0

First of all the movie was fun great. The animation was a lil different but it can be passed but what cant be passed its the VO. For example Batman's voice. He didn't sound like a menace, he sounded like a drunky Balwin Brother. Moving on the story was well written and Wonder Women kicked ass. She was on the movie, and take more role on it. The ending was great making a open ending and a definited one.   PS Kevin Conroy IS Batman, just saying...

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Justice League Crisis review 0

I love this movie because the Justice League faces off against their evil counterparts in an alternate world. For example, I like the Superwoman and Batman conflict and I also like the way when she tries to comfort Owlman. Also, I like the scene when Green Lantern destroys a factory and helping Wonder Woman at the same time. In addition to that, I like the scene when the Super Family fought against the Backup Justice League and they display alot of teamwork in the fight against the Made Men.  Ov...

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movie review 0

To start off i really enjoyed this film.  I thought owlman and his philosophy were really kool.  it was also kool to see the justice leauges "evil" selfs(but then again what is evil?lol) Although batmans voice was really crappy it didnt seem to bother me much....

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Movie Review 0

This is one of the best animatedcomic book movies I've seen. Putting the Justice League against alternate versions of themselves was cool. It brought out another reality that has never been done before by DC. It put the seven to the test versus themselves and each other. There were a few bad points such as Batman's voice,but Owlman's theory about the different worlds was cool. So all in all the movie was great   ...

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Surprisingly Well Done 0

Ok, let me begin that I have not read the basis of the Crisis Comics.  Yes, I know what happens but I haven't read it in its entirety so I didn't have that to flavor my watching of this movie.  So, what did I think?    I liked it.  That's the short version.  But I'm going to start with what I didn't like, what I enjoyed so much in the Superman/Batman movie that they seemed to shy away from here.    Now, I like a good story, but one of the reasons I watch Animated Movies such as this is the actio...

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crisis on two earths 0

well DC has recently been kicking some serious but in the department of animated movies, (now if only they can aplly that to their live actions ones) i got to say this is one of the best dc animated movies.      The good- well first you have all this amazing stuff going on like JAMES WOODS AS FRIGGIN OWL MAN and PRESIDENT DEATHSTROKE. That and awesome fight scenes and a really good story line. The greatest part about this movie was the end fighting scene with Owlman and Batman. So... one of th...

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Justice League Crisis on Two Earths movie review 0

 This is an older review of mine.  Check out my  review to see how the reviews have changed     Plot: A heroic version of Lex Luthor from an alternate universe (Earth 2) appears to recruit the Justice League to help save his Earth from the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of the League. What ensues is the ultimate battle of good versus evil in a war that threatens both planets and, through a devious plan launc...

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With all the crises that DC comes up with, I'm amazed that our heroes haven't died from sheer stress and exhaustion by now. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and now Two Earths. The movie in many respects is very much a shorter, simpler version of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and long time comic book readers will recognise the parallels the two stories share. Starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), the Flash (presumably Wally West), and the Mart...

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My Thoughts 0

I will admit that I have not read many comics in my lifetime. I've never had the opportunity to read the stories this movie is based off of. But in a way that doesn't matter, I think this movie had a smooth enough plot so even I could understand.  The Bad As everyone I was disappointed at William Baldwin's voice of Batman. Everyone else had a good voice actor who fit them but Baldwin wasn't really the one to be Batman.  I also felt Lex Luthor's design was lacking. It was an alright look but I wo...

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Crisis on Two Earths Review 0

I have seen nearly all the DC animated movies now. This one ranks in between on the scale. It wasn't the best of them but it was far from bad. The story revolves around the Justice League going to Earth 3 to battle their Crime Syndicate counterparts. All the action is good as expected and there are a good amount of characters. It has all the Justice League members you know will be in it, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. It also had some less famous people like Red Tornado and Fire Storm. I o...

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was superman won the fight? 0

i've been waiting to watch this film, and finaly i got a copy. it is just that i'm not satisfied of how superman matches against ultra man. i thought the movie would end up superman beating ultra man. he looks very ordinary or common in the way he fights. but there's one fight i like, the fight  of wonder woman and super woman and the flash and johnny quick.   yet in all of these i still like to see how batman outwits owlman.   im expecting another JL movies. thanks to warner bros and dc enterta...

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I enjoyed watching this movie.I liked William Baldwin as Batman and James Woods as Owlman was awesome as well as the other actors..This had good story and had great action.I Ioved the final battle between Batman and Owlman. I give it 5/5 because its an amazing story witha great cast and a great story....

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A Suprisingly good entry in the DCUA original Movies series 0

Just to be clear I have never read any of the parallel earth stories so these characters and stories with the Crime Syndicate are new to me.  Some people have criticized the voice cast in the film mainly William Baldwin and Mark Harmon, while I like William Baldwin as Batman I didn't particularly enjoy Mark Harmon as Superman because first of all he's just not Superman material, he makes a great NCIS agent but not the big boy in blue. Really the best performance in the film was James Woods as Ow...

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