romthelegionaire's Justice League Beyond 2.0 #6 - Power Struggle, Part 6 of 8: Teamwork review

JLB 2.0 Issue 6 (Some spoilers included)

The Good

Plot - This was another issue of everybody fighting except this time the focus was more on the League's conflict with the Superman robots rather than Superman's fight with Jax-Ur.

Characterization - Aquagirl had a really badass moment where she took down the Superman robots.

Artwork - Art was good as usual. I enjoyed the panels with Flash carrying Batman.

The Bad

This issue to me was sort of a let down. The cliffhanger on last issue was the threat of an army of Kryptonians busting out of the Phantom Zone. I actually was hoping Jax-Ur and his minions would invade the Earth because it would be a huge challenge for the JLB to fight them and the entire conflict would have major repercussions for the entire Beyond Universe. This is a minor complaint though.

The Verdict

I say 4/5. Can't wait to see what happens next.


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