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Judgment Day, part 4 of 6. Captain Atom’s team of Justice Leaguers have defeated half of the Overmaster’s Cadre, but now they face the U.N. sanctioned Leaguebusters: Peacemaker, the second Mirror Master, the second Spellbinder, Ultraa, and Chromax. Wonder Woman and Power Girl discover the existence of the Leaguebusters, and confront Maxwell Lord, announcing that the Justice League will sever its relations with the U.N. After a long fight, Captain Atom’s team defeats the Leaguebusters, but they are prevented from continuing on by Wonder Woman’s team. Meanwhile, at the Overmaster’s ship, the Cadre (now led by a mind-controlled Ice) has captured Fire; and back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Blue Beetle has crafted a cybernetic arm for Booster Gold. Beetle also repairs Booster Gold’s battle armor, and Beetle comes up with a plan to stop the Overmaster. The two travel to Mount Everest, and arrive just in time to diffuse the situation between Captain Atom and Wonder Woman. The League reunites as Beetle fills them in on his plan to stop the Overmaster.

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