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Continued from Justice League America #34

The Island of Kooey Kooey Kooey is alive and has decided to detach itself from the ocean floor an go for a drift-about, with all the guests of Club JLI, Booster and Beetles resort, still on board.

Max has just learned that Booster and Beetle emptied the JLI bank account to financie the resort, and he took a teleport tube to where the island should be but finds himself under the ocean. He swims to the surface to find Huntress, Oberon and Ice, who had the same idea and the same complications as Max. Ice is able to make a raft out of Ice but not before she is stung by a Man-o-war.

Meanwhile on the island Aquaman uses Major Disaster to stop the island from drifting father off course, and while in the water Aquaman hears some sharks have found something. That something is Max and the other heroes a drift. Aquaman brings them back to Kooey where beetle has just finished a communicator and Martian Manhunter and Guy have come to the rescue.

Back at the New York embassy Max tells Booster and Beetle their punishment for taking all of the JLI funds, which Aquaman found floating in the ocean and gave back to Max, is that Blue and Gold are the new JLI maids. Their first asignment... Guy's room.

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