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The Teasdale Imperative Part 1 of 4

To a small village somewhere in Eastern Europe, the Spectre, for unknown reasons, is drawn to the scene of destruction, where a battle has been waged but no bodies remain. While looking around, confused by the overwhelming need to be there, he is approached by the Gray Man who is also there for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, at the New York Embassy for the Justice League, Fire and Ice argue of there new costume chooses. Ice feels they are too revealing and Fire feels they are not revealing enough. Fire decides they anther opinion but for some reason they are locked in their room. And that is why they are there when the newly transformed Dr. Fate phases thru the ceiling and startles Fire, who is still learning her new powers. And that is why the NYFD is called to responsed to a green fire shooting out the building.

After Oberon defuses the situation he is surprised by Batman who snicked into the embassy. But before he can doing anything about it Batman disappears and Maxwell Lord appears with Dr. Fate who is willing to join the team and the Huntress, the teams newest member. Oberon gives the two ladies a tour witch includes the monitor room where Batman has caught Guy Gardner playing a video game instead of monitoring. Once Guy changes it back, Sue Dibny tells him that there is priority 1 distress call.

Oberon continues his tour to the Transport Terminal and is startle by J'onn who is transported in his Martian state. J'onn says a quick hell to the new members and is found by Batman who explains what Sue said and J'onn contacts Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Mr Miracle who at the hanger bay, and tells them to have the plane ready for when the team shows up.

Once everyone is on the plane the team head to Europe where Villages of people have been disappearing,including the JLE. After some discussion it is decided the team need to land in what seem like a full scale war zone. But unknown to them the Spectre is there talking to Gray Man, still trying to figure out what is truly going on.

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