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An alien ship comes crashing down on Earth. The Justice League come out to investigate and carry with them a wounded alien. J'onn confirms that the alien is a resident of the Grey Orb. He tries to enter his thoughts but gets caught in a severe backlash, showing that the Grey Orb has been overrun by starfish like parasites, claiming themselves to be the Star Conquerors. The Justice League leave Batman with J'onn and the Grey and head for the Grey Orb.

Upon landing, they are immediately attacked by the parasites and rendered harmless, only Flash manages to escape. He runs away and finds Godunn, the sole surviving member of the Green Lantern Corps which came to the rescue of the planet earlier. flash helps Godunn and together they release the other Justice League members from the clutches of the parasites. The Queen and the biggest parasite manages to enslave Godunn but only momentarily. Wonder Woman takes the fight to the Queen and releases all the surviving inhabitants.

The Queen now begins reproducing her offsprings and plans to release them on a new target planet, Earth! The Justice League try to stop her from becoming a portal to Earth and Hawkgirl speeds the Javelin into the Queen's eye, thus injuring her badly and simultaneously arriving back in our solar system.

Godunn is left with the Queen and in trying to retrieve the lost power of his ring, he cracks it, thus releasing a tremendous amount of energy and killing the Queen, all the parasites and himself. Earth and the Grey Orb is thus saved.

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