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One day, the Justice League recieve a distress signal and go out to investigate. They find a spaceship beyond the orbit of Jupiter and tow it back to the J L Watchtower. Upon docking with the ship, Jo'nn Jo'nnz scans for life and finds four survivors. Green Lantern (John Stewart) brings out the survivors and translates their language to english. 
The strangers introduce themselves as Cladek, Clamon, Drasem and Reltam. They tell the JL that they were exiled from their home planet Daxam, as they were opposing the totalitarian regime. When they arrive on Earth, they suddenly get access to super-powers due to the solar radiation. They are enthralled and begin to change the face of the planet by helping out many countries. 
Batman however is worried. He doesn't trust the Daxamites. He tells Jo'nn and Flash to keep a closer eye on the Daxamites' activities.  
One day, in he war-torn nation of


, the Daxamites try to bring a fair republican rule to the country by means of their powers. They get into a fight with the Justice League. Batman comes out and explains that the Daxamites are doing the very thing on Earth which they opposed on Daxam.  
The Daxamites understand and prepare to leave Earth. They say that they will visit various other worlds on their way home, and the experience they gain, they will impart on Daxam.

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