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Roger Hayden, distraught over having lost his wife and son before informing them that he loved them, borrows the Medusa mask, which has the ability to control emotions, and becomes Psycho-Pirate. He influences everyone around him, but is particularly interested in picking on the Justice League. Under his influence, Batman trips up the Flash, then calls Superman jealous of the Amazon's feelings for him. Superman punches Batman into a nearby building. Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman have a "girl-fight" that involves Hawkgirl pulling Diana's hair, J'onn whines over the loss of his people, and Wally tries to attack Batman. J'onn breaks free of Hayden's influence, but cannot help the others. While J'onn is attempting to fight Psycho-Pirate, the emotions of the others change. Wally is now hitting on Shayera, who is attempting to beat him up, Clark is bemoaning the destruction of Krypton, and Batman and Diana are making out. J'onn manages to stop Hayden, apparently by driving him completely insane. The Justice League then decide to go camping, in order to better understand each other and kill the negative feelings within them.

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