funrush's Justice League #7 - The Villain's Journey, Prologue; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 1 review

Johns, we all expected more than this

The beginning of a new arc! Let's crack down on this issue!

The Good:

  • We get some Steve Trevor character development, and for the most part, it was pretty good.
  • It was good to see the League working together now. Although many say that they don't seem to be a team, and that they're the same as they were before, if you look at the bigger picture, they do seem to be more together than they did five years ago. I think everybody's main concern is just that Hal is still an ass to Batman.
  • I liked "Spore's" backstory. He was ambushed by a guy, turned into a monster, and now he wants to kill his ex-wife, doesn't sound that bad, right?
  • The Shazam backup story was a nice addition, giving us more bang for our buck instead of those character design pages.
  • Many were surprised to see Batson be such a jerk in this backup. I was too, however, I kind of thought it wasn't that bad.

The Bad:

  • I hated the lack of continuity. How does Hal have a Green Lantern ring for the Justice League? I guess Johns forgot we're at the present now.
  • Speaking of Hal, after five years, why is he still such a jerk to Batman? You would've figured, with lives at stake, they'd put away their stupid arguments. Also, when Batman was coming up with a plan to defeat the monsters, Hal literally says, "We're the Justice League, we got this.", puts on the dumbest smile ever, and flies away, with Flash in pursuit.
  • Why are the public in love with the JL so much? They treat them like gods, and one guy even makes a recommendation for them to become a government. Yes, you would like the all-powerful, questionable people who wear masks, conceal their identities, and know probably nothing about politics to become your president? What are you thinking people? One person even says that none of them are at eachother's throats. Well, person, meet Bats and Hal.
  • Superman has absolutely no character development in this issue. He still has absolutely no personality, after seven issues.

The Verdict:

Last month, I would have said that this is a must buy series, but now, it's kind of giving me a meh feeling. Pick it up, it may hopefully get better.


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