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In an alternate dystopic future of the year 3000, Ariel Masters, a genetist from Cadmusworld created a process to recreate the legenday heroes from the 21st century. However to do that, they had to infect a host with the recovered DNA from another individual, this way killed the host organism and replaced him with a copy of the inoculated DNA source, including powers and memories. The process was far from perfect and the duplicates had gaps in their powers and memorieswhich were incomplete and distorted.

The result of the proyect was the birth of a new Justice League with the objetive to fight the Five, a group of powerful individuals who had taken over control of various galaxies. However, first the fragmented league must overcome their mutual desire to kill each other.

Current events

After a skirmish against the Five and the betrayal of Cadmus, the Justice League have retreat to the medieval world of Camelot 9, where they joined King Arthur forces against the Demon Etrigan.


The recreated members of the League are different from their previous incarnations.

  • Superman: He doesn't remember his life as Clark Kent. He haven't heat vision or fly powers. Instead, he can jump in a similar way to the golden age Superman. He has show romantic interest in the newest female Flash.
  • Batman: He doesn't remember the killing of his parents neither any friendship with Superman. However he remembers his time with the Justice League International.
  • Wonder Woman: her warrior characteristics are more exacerbated. Less compassionated, she falls easly in berserker fury. She is also openly bisexual.
  • Flash 1 (Barry Allen "clon"): he hasn't an antifriction aura, so he uses an artificial one to prevent incineration. Barry was killed and resurrected three times before beign replaced by Teri.
  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan"clon"): He has no ring, his energy comes from his body, but the use of his powers is killing him. Currently, he is reduced to 6 inch tall size.
  • Firestorm: Unstable recreation of the Firestorm Matrix than combines several Firestorm personalities. He left the team.
  • Flash 2:(Teri Magnus "clon"): A mix of Teri Magnus and Barry Allen. She has show personality traits of Barry.

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