super_man_23's Justice League 3000 #3 - The Dark Age review

Well, it looks like Earth has turned into a garbage dump in the 31st century. Justice League 3000 #3 Review.

Flash is dead, Green Lantern is captured, and the remaining League members are being held prisoner on a wasteland Earth.


Superman has gotten more arrogant in the future.

The story wasn't great, but it did have some enjoyable aspects to it. One of the only things I enjoyed about this 3rd issue's story, was that it started moving forward in terms of seeing if the League were "really" hero material. It showed their true nature and what their thoughts really were on their fellow teammates. It was some good progress in character development.

I didn't mention this in the past, but I enjoy what the writers did with the League's personality. Some of the personality changes have major differences, like Superman and Wonder Woman for example. Superman is super arrogant and punches before he thinks, Wonder Woman is just savage and is always looking for a fight; no compassion what so ever. Really obvious change from their 21st Century counterparts. Yes, it's on purpose on the writers' part, but I like how they really get behind that and make it a prominent aspect in this series.

The artwork is still good. It's always great to see the big two page art spread that the art team cooks up, really shows attention to details!


With such a great second issue, there's issues like this one that makes me question where the series is going. So far this is what I understand; The JL are clones -- they work for Cadmus, their is a female named Ariel -- but she is trying to stop Cadmus and the Wonder Twins, the Wonder Twins work for Cadmus and are trying to stop The Five and Ariel -- who are The Five exactly? There are so many plot points currently that revolve around the JL, but they don't feel as if they carry a certain weight as they should. The Justice League was supposedly resurrected in cloned bodies to help Cadmus fight The Five, but I guess the question I'm asking here is; Who Is The Real Threat? If this was directly explained instead of all this mystery, I think this would be a bit more enjoyable series. I can only hope for the best.


This is a mixed feelings series. It has enjoyable aspects like a cloned Justice League in the future, and these iconic heroes having different personalities, but it also has a lot of problems with the plot points and story. So overall 2 out of 5.


1. If the Flash is resurrected, will that take away from your reading experience?

2. Where is this series going?

3. Who is the real villain in this series? The JL, The Five, Ariel, Cadmus, who?

4. Are you reading the series and still going to pick it up?

I'd like to here your opinion, sound off in the comments!


JL 3000 issue 4 (est. review date 3/12/14!)


JL 3000 issue 1

JL 3000 issue 2

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