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Lets see what you are made of. JL 3000 2 Review

The Justice League still have their differences, being clones and all, however that's not going to stop them from finding a dangerous super criminal named "Locus".


The team on another adventure!

What a great issue, am I right? If you read this issue, then you'll know what part I'm talking about -- didn't see that coming. Well, maybe just a little bit, but not so soon.

The League is on another mission for their bosses and creators, The Wonder Twins, but when a simple recon mission goes downhill; the team might not make it out alive! The writing by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis is extremely better than the last issue.

The writers took the good part of this series, clones, and built on that aspect. Now with this issue, there is some second guessing if they are indeed actually clones. Which is good. There should be questions being asked at this point in this series and eventually being answered at a later time.

The artwork by Howard Porter is top notch. I really enjoy his art style and take on; what the team would look like in the 31st century. It's ultimately an enjoyable experience as all the colors seen throughout this issue (by Hi-Fi) really capture the uniqueness of the world. Great job art team!


No complaints, this was a significantly better issue than the last one.


You really have to be patient with this series, as it can surprise you. The last issue was ok, but this issue definitely built on one of the good aspects of the series -- this Justice League are clones! So with that one aspect, it turned around a series that was ok and made it a good one. So patience is key when reading this title, I recommend it if you like something a little different from DC Comics' usual JL series. Overall 5 out of 5.

Two things to think about:

1. Is the hero that died in this issue actually dead?

2. Is the JL actually clones, or something else?


JL 3000 1


JL 3000 3

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