the_mighty_monarch's Justice League #23.1 - Apotheosis review

The Mud Grubber That Became a God

Some of these villain issues tend to be a bit too over ambitious, trying to tell too many facets of the character's history in a limited space. Thus this issue starts out with a very interesting tale of a mortal Darkseid who climbed to godhood atom a mountain of god corpses, but it feels rushed. We're getting it more as a summary than a story. The VERY beginning of it is well paced, but then the story starts skipping forward a bit at times, disappointing me because I was really enjoying that story. I sympathized with Darkseid in a weird way, but without losing his core evil, especially as things progressed.

The second half is going to be a bit confusing to anyone who hasn't read Earth 2 or Batman/Superman. The problem is, I feel like this issue was meant to come after the conclusion of the first arc of Batman/Superman, as it completely leaves out the details of that encounter, which creates a hole in Kaiyo's narrative. But I think it reinforces my suspicion that the second Earth in Batman/Superman isn't Earth 2. Or I don't know, there's a lot of missing details that leaves the whole thing incredibly confusing. That, and, is Kaiyo a girl? Is Kaiyo Darkseid's Daughter that Amanda Waller was so concerned about? Because there doesn't appear to be any implication that Kaiyo was ever trapped by A.R.G.U.S. But at least we get some answers about the location of Apokolips.

The last page is the craziest thing. When Darkseid puts his plan into motion it's going to be BEYOND EPIC.

In Conclusion: 3/5

Darkseid was well represented here, and his new origin was both interesting and fitting. But it gets rushed, and the whole second half is an exercise in convolution. It touches upon too many loose plot threads, and fails to touch upon a few other essential ones. This would've worked better if it had stretched out the first half to an entire story.


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