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New Darkness

This is probably the Villains Month issue that I was most excited about.I really wanted to see what else the writers have to offer us and especially Greg Pak who so far in the New 52 has done a great job with the Batman/Superman book which actually includes Darkseid and Kaiyo who actually appears in this issue also.

So this issue mainly follows Darkseid's parth.From a nobody to a God of Evil.It's basically his origin story after which we get what Darkseid does.I think that the origing story of Darkseid was done incredibly good and the whole New Gods thing was shown to us in a great way.I really liked the rivalry Highfather and Darkseid had for that one little panel which was more than enough for me to get the tone and like the thing.This issue shows the true side of Darkseid and makes us forget that stupid Johns incarnation that we saw in the first issues of Justice League.This is Darkseid at his prime and the Darkseid we all know and love and I really want to see when is he going to appear again because if he is like this then I will be most definitely buying and I will be loving that issue or story.

The second part of the issue actually disappointed me a lot.The whole thing seems a bit like an all-powerful being like Darkseid can be easilly fooled by a New God that is not so powerful like Kaiyo the Trickster.It seems like all he does is follow the trickster and fight that Earth's champions so he can become more and more powerful with time but his grand plan is to catch the Trickster who so far looks like it may be actually Darkseid's daughter that was mentioned in the Vibe book.Also the second part doesn't show us anything more for Darkseid's origin or his connection to the Highfather and the other New Gods as Orion.

Overall this issue presented to us a great origin story for Darkseid and a Darkseid issue that cannot be easily forgotten.This is the Darkseid we know and this is the Darkseid that I want to be seeing from now on.The issue has it's small flaws but it can't be perfect.Pak tried to tell us a story that was just too big for so little pages.


Posted by DecoyElite

On one hand I liked how awesome Darkseid was in this issue, on the other hand, as someone else pointed out to me, just how did all the other New Gods show up?

Posted by TDK_1997

@decoyelite: Actually I haven't thought about that and when you put it out I have no idea.Darkseid had a reason to be given powers and to become a god but as for the others I don't know.

Edited by DecoyElite

@tdk_1997: Yeah there's just Darkseid and Highfather with no explanation for anyone else. Hopefully this will get cleared up later.

Posted by TDK_1997
Posted by sinestro_GL

@tdk_1997: @decoyelite: Wasn't a fan of the transition from the Old Gods to the New Gods, seemed...odd.

I'd hate to sound like an old bogie, that only complains with change, but you do have to admit that the origin was changed pretty drastically...

Posted by DecoyElite

@sinestro_gl: Completely understandable. Honestly this does feel far more small scale than the original origin. The good parts here are just what Darkseid pulls off and some of the lines that come with it.

I mean it's not the worst thing every by any means, but I don't think it's up there with the original version at all.

Edited by TDK_1997

@sinestro_gl: I'm not really familiar with Darkseid's origing pre-New 52 so that's why I haven't mentioned anything.

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