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I have to be honest in saying that I was not impressed with the initial release of the first issue of the Justice League, but with this release of the second issue things are finally starting to pick up some. In Justice League we can see that the world does not trust superheroes and there is not yet and organized group of crime fighters to take on the enemies of the world. This story, much like New Frontier, is about the organization of the very first incarnation of the Justice League. The heroes though can’t seem to bring themselves together to work as a team because they don’t trust each other, and they’ve never had a reason to work together before. It appears though as Darksied will be their reason to unify.

The title of the book tells all, and we know that eventually these characters are going to have to find a way to work together and that way appears to be an invasion by Darksied and the armies of Apokolypis. The part that makes the panels of this issue shine is finally seeing the heroes interact in a way that doesn’t involve punching one another, even though two-thirds of the issue is made up of that. What the real treat of this issue is though is not part of the panels of the comic, but an interview of Steve Trevor conducted by Amanda Waller located in the back of the issue. Though the story may be predictable in the sense that we know what is going to happen, the interesting part will be seeing just how it will happen. It’s going to be interesting to see these characters come together, and that alone is a good enough reason not to pass this title up.

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