batuniverse's Justice League #2 - Justice League, Part Two review

For Darkseid!

This was great! Seeing Bats and Supey fighting was really exciting!

Geoff knows how to narrate the story from every character perspective, He knows the way all the characters think, and he also incorporate the typical actions of every character.

Jim Lee's a genious like always, his way to draw surprise me every time, when I started reading this, It was really emotional, comprensive, and structural, the proportions of every single character are perfect, the shadows lines make it more realist.

The Inks by Scott Williams Surprise me, he doesn't miss any shadow line from Jim, he really take his Job Seriously.

The Colours of Alex Sinclair are Awesome.

Script: 9

Art: 10

Inks: 9

Colours: 10

Final Score: 10 - Masterpiece!


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