saoakden's Justice League #12 - The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 4: Rescue from Within review

The end of the First year of Justice League

This issue of Justice League was amazing. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make an awesome team. This issue is part four of the Villain's Journey Story Arc. The villain of the story arc is David Graves who first appeared in Justice League issue 6. In the DC Universe, Graves is a known for writing about some mythology such as writing a book about Atlantis being a real place and for writing the book JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AMONG US. Graves sees the league as gods since the Justice League saved his family during Darkseid's Invasion. After writing the book, his family got sick and was killed by an illness during the five year gap. Seeing how The Justice League can't save him from his condition, he decides to take them on. During the course of the issue, Graves shows the spirits of some loved ones of the Justice League who have been dead such as The Kents, The Waynes, etc. The idea is to make the league accept loss and strike them down at their most vulnerable. The League with the help of Steve Trevor, are able to break free from the spirits and defeat Graves. After the battle we see, Wonder Woman and Steve have a little fight. After Wonder Woman leaves, the news talks about Steve Trevor being ok, Graves in prison and the Justice League's action being questioned since Graves said the League will let the world down. The members of the Justice League (minus Wonder Woman & Superman), talk about recent events and decide they can't make any mistakes.

During the talk Hal decides to leave the team. He figures the Justice League needs a scapegoat and Hal decides to be it. He also points out that most of his work is off-planet and doesn't need to be accepted.

Before the Justice League decide to anything, they need to find Wonder Woman and Superman. We see Wonder Woman sitting on top a roof and Superman drops by to talk to Wonder Woman. After a bit of talking, the two kiss. Following this moment, we see Graves in a wheel chair looking like an old Professor X who is approached by everyone's favorite government agent Amanda Waller and is asked to write a book. The book being about How to destroy the Justice League. He begins to write the book called "THE VILLAINS JOURNEY".

This issue doesn't have the Shazam back up story, instead it has some teasers about the Second year of Justice League and shows a teasers for a new Justice League series.

Overall this issue was great. The art was amazing, the story was good, and how Geoff Johns lead up to the kiss was great. I highly recommend this issue.


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