kartron's Justice League #12 - The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 4: Rescue from Within review

Clear Cut story with a WOW moment that makes sense!

Art - I am speechless - Jim Lee. Period!

Story (contains spoilers):

A very good flowing story that kept me on the edge. Finally the villain's true colors and roots are revealed. Geoff Johns seems to have done some good research on Indian mythological demons called the Asuras and Pretas (pronounced as Praythaas)... Graves has the justice league, who in the wake of Trevor's death, pitted against their worst nightmares and a very unexpected revelation brings things to a halt. The super team is now at the breakpoint and each of them have a different viewpoint on the turnout. Aquaman would like to meet the people's expectations, Green Lantern wants to take the blame for all this, Batman tries to call it quits, Trevor is tired of being tied up with Wonder Woman by the media, while Superman & Wonder Woman ... well.. feel lonely... An electrifying moment.. Jim Lee lit up my eyes on that damn page..

Although I was not really sure about the hook up, but after reading through, I like it. At the same time I feel this could just be a passing moment. You never know!

At the end of this issue, there are several things revealed in terms of what is coming up next in Justice league & Green Lantern story lines further down the year and in 2013... A very good closure of events.. A very good issue!


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    After having previously dropped this series I came back to it for this issue for obvious reasons.  A a Wonder Woman fan I am pretty much opposed to the romantic pairing of Wonder Woman and Superman and pretty much for the reasons shown here.  The lead up to their kiss and presumed start of their romance contained some pretty forced and unrealistic dialogue, which made the moment even harder to swallow.  Before this the first half is the cliche of the spirit/ghost/evil entity that appears to the ...

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