razzatazz's Justice League #12 - The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 4: Rescue from Within review

It'll shatter

After having previously dropped this series I came back to it for this issue for obvious reasons.  A a Wonder Woman fan I am pretty much opposed to the romantic pairing of Wonder Woman and Superman and pretty much for the reasons shown here.  The lead up to their kiss and presumed start of their romance contained some pretty forced and unrealistic dialogue, which made the moment even harder to swallow.  Before this the first half is the cliche of the spirit/ghost/evil entity that appears to the people as exactly what they want before one of them sees through it and fights back.  The second half is drawn out discussion about something to do with running the league and keeping its public face or I don't know what (though it had some moments which seem to have been inspired by the Justice League Detroit split way back in the 1980s).  All in all a pretty mediocre issue, and for a major event, DC sure managed to wrap it in a shell of averageness.  I did like how they peeled off Hal though for his upcoming action in the big Green Lantern event.


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