krspacet's Justice League #12 - The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 4: Rescue from Within review

Its not perfect, but this issue is the first block to the future

You can't have a civil war without build up. Tension between the North and south existed since even before 1775.

What Geoff was doing with Graves wasn't to make a lasting villain, but create the first spark. it created the tension on the team that would lead to a split

The tension in the team that being attacked by their ghosts and fears is a good way to start.

Also, the Kiss. If you read to the end, you see why that has importance. Its not the romance that is important, its the fact that it looks like those two will be on the same side......

Both Superman and Wonder Woman on the same side....and apparently Aquaman. Can even Batman deal with that? That's what's big on the kiss.

The kiss that will influence DC's Trinity war.....potentially quite lopsidedly.

Again, while Graves won't have the ability to return like Joker, Lex or Brainiac, he's meant be Dc's own Nitro. What he'll do to the DC world is what the crook did to Spiderman's world all those years ago.


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