starkiller809's Justice League #11 - The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 3: Atonement; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 5 review

Justice League #11

Jim Lee. I think that says everything that one needs to say about the art. Jim Lee has an amazing style the sketchy but also very easy to follow. The amount of details that he puts into his work is stunning. The facial expressions hit me hard in this issue because I feel like all the characters have several different emotions in this issue. The story is improving. I really like it how Graves is really leading the Justice League around the world but seems like there is very clever plan in play. I really liked seeing that the characters are tryign to get to know each other. The action in this issue are amazing. Wonder Woman kicks ass. I really like it how all the characters have a way of saying the same thing. It gives them all different personalities and in a team book, that is important.  
I really wish that they were closer friends. I'm just pretending that this is a few weeks after the first arch and the green arrow issue was a glimps at the present. It works for me so, nothing too bad. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
This book needs to stay in the direction that it is going. The first arch was okay. It was more of and action with little story. I think that now the readers are wanting to see a little bit of depth to the characters. This issue is a promising sign that there is interesting stuff coming to the league and that readers should be excited. I recommend that people read this but expect more fun then anything else. I'm sure that things are going to get deeper, but right now, enjoy it for what it is. 
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