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Lady Rage 0

The Story so FarBatman helps everyone snap of there own personal pity party and the group follows Graves to Steve's sister's house. Steve's sister gets mad at Wonder Woman who then gets into a fight with Green Lantern. After settling down, the league finds out what Graves was up to after his family died and go to a place called the Valley of the Souls. Here each member of the league sees an image of someone they have lost.Shazam! The man in the cave comes out and goes wizard of oz on us wanting ...

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Justice League #11 0

THE GOOD: Jim Lee. I think that says everything that one needs to say about the art. Jim Lee has an amazing style the sketchy but also very easy to follow. The amount of details that he puts into his work is stunning. The facial expressions hit me hard in this issue because I feel like all the characters have several different emotions in this issue. The story is improving. I really like it how Graves is really leading the Justice League around the world but seems like there is very clever plan ...

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The Penultimate Chapter 0

Graves had broken into the Watchtower and taken the Justice League down last month. In this issue league pulls itself up by its bootstraps and hunts Graves down. I enjoyed seeing how worried Wonder Woman over Steve's dissapearance, even to the point of attacking her own teamates to get what needs to be done done. Batman is acting like the leader he should be, while Superman acts as the posterboy, which how the League would logically work. The characters are being writen better and better as the ...

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It's that Jerkwad! 0

When reading Geoff Johns Justice League set 5 years after their formation I can’t help but feel that the “5 years later” / present day setting of the series is a mishap seeing how the characters interact with one and other and how much they know about one and other. But before I get to that let’s catch up on what’s been going on with earths greatest heroes in Justice League #11.Continuing from where we left off the Justice League finds themselves incapacitated on their watchtower after graves at...

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Graves finds the Justice League's Weekness 0

Here is my video review for the Justice League. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Wrath of the Amazon 0

Justice League #11 did not do much to advance the plot, but the amazon freakout was worth the purchase; strangely enough, this was the best pencilled portion of the book; I did not enjoy the art before or after the fight. And wasn't the explanation for the Asura deities a bit too much?Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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The One Where They Fight..... AGAIN 0

Jim Lee can't seem to decide on any kind of rhyme or reason to balancing out team members on the covers. Why is Flash the central figure here? I mean, overall this cover is a perfectly fine idea with nice execution, but there's no thought put into who got put where. If ANYBODY should've gotten put front and center it should be Wonder Woman.Jim Lee's art is seriously on fire though. All the jagged edges of Graves' costume look awesome, and the ghosts look very smooth and ephemeral. The League all...

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