evanthemexijew's Justice League #10 - The Villain's Journey, Chapter Two: The Belly of the Beast; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 4 review

Short, but sweet

This issue was good, but it was much too short. It almost felt like the book was split down the middle with Shazam. I think Johns has at least somewhat found out how to wright the League's team dynamic. Batman acts a little more like Batman and i enjoy that he and Superman have a relationship outside of the League. That and the fight between Graves and the JL made that half for me, especially the splash if the whole League attacking. In the Shazam back-up, I enjoyed the cameo of Tawky Tawny, even though I know nothing about him outside of his awesomeness in Final Crisis, and Black Adam's appearance got me a little excited for characters that I had no previous interest in. Overall, it was a good issue and I can honestly say that these past two issues were better than the whole first arc.


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    I picked up only a handful of first issues when the new 52 started then completely fell away from it for a plethora of reasons. Now, approaching this via an issue purchased impulsively at the supermarket I'm a bit baffled. The main story features a Justice League I don't particularly care for. They're kinda moody and I'm not in love with the casual approach their taking to secrets about one another. Granted, I did pick up this issue mid-arc, and I've no one to blame for being lost but myself. Th...

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