guardiandevil801's Justice League #1 - Justice League, Part One review

A New Begining!!!!

The new 52 are out and I checked the new Justice League and it is awesome. The story shows Batman chasing after a creature and being shot by the police and meets Green Lantern. The story is well done and shows Victor Stone before he's cyborg. The art is fantastic and story is well done by Jim Lee and Geoff Jones. The new suits are cool and Batman and Green Lantern are cooler. Overall, I'm giving a 5/5 because the story and art are great, the heroes are cooler and the ending will leave you wanting more. I would reccommend this because this is an impressive issue for new or old readers to get.

Superman is ready to fight Batman!!!

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    (I know it's been a month since this has been published, but I've been busy with school and buying and reading some of DC's new 52 comics).When I first heard that DC was going to cancel all their books for 52 new books I was astonished when Geoff Johns and Jim Lee were going to start a book together. What better way to start off new books with an all-star writer with an all-star artist, am I right? When I think about the Justice League I mostly think about the team from the animated show (Justic...

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    First off let me say that DC has already done something right. I have always been attracted to Superheroes and their respective stories ever since I can remember. However, I never got into comic books like I wanted too. The reasoning for this was simple, I was too overwhelmed by the deep and complex stories that each hero had and I knew that by just picking up the newest issue of whatever comic I desired would leave me feeling confused and unsatisfied. Then I herd that DC was starting their icon...

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