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Jon loved this issue, we talk at length the reasons why in our latest episode of A Comic Book Look.  Me, not so much, sure there are great things, but I'm a DC guy and change is always a little tough.  We put out a new episode each week, so check out some of our older video's once your done with this one. That being said, I LOVE THE NEW 52!      Thanks, 

Posted by KRYPTON

Good review, will be glad to see more comic reviews

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    Drawn by an Expert, Written by a Fanboy 0

    FTBB comes back for a review, after months on hiatus. Now, as many of you may know, I'm something of a DC Fanboy. Not a moronic one, mind you, I just prefer DC to the other companies. That's in no small part thanks to the amazing team known as the Justice League. What we have with this issue is not the Justice League; we have a series of disconnected characters with no real personalities in flashy costumes arguing about who has the bigger d*** (the answer is Batman, of course).   Geoff Johns goe...

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