super_man_23's Justice League #1 - Justice League, Part One review

New events, New Team, Fresh Start

It is the beginning of something new! It's the beginning of a brave new comic world! And another chance to retell the stories of DC Comics characters! 

The Good

The DC Comics continuity has undergone multiple crisis, and events, that've changed the way we look at comics published by DC. While 'New 52' gives new readers a great chance to jump on, it is a good opportunity to read the origins of the Justice League. While we all know the stories of the J.L.A. it is almost like we are learning all about them, from a new/different, perspective. While we know that Flashpoint will change the DC universe as we know it, it is how things will change in the end game events of the story line. Seeing the chance, the many solicits for Superboy, and also Teen Titans, shows that not all of the events will place in the present, but also in the past. Retelling stories of iconic comic book heroes is usually boring, but with what has happened in this first issue of Justice League, I can't wait until the other comics are released.  
Cocky and arrogant, fighting over territory 
Geoff Johns is an amazing writer. Being one of the great writers on Green Lantern comics, it will be a change to see him start to work on Justice League. As we can see in this first issue, the heroes are on the lam and are trying to protect the world from criminals, while not getting killed in the process. The reason why heroes shouldn't always be on the side of the government is a great ideal on kicking off a new series. For me as a reader - it gives a better opportunity for heroes to act a bit rouge and a better storytelling on how they are really the good guys and wanting acceptance from the world. Also the heroes of new Earth are cocky and arrogant.  
It makes since that Batman would prefer to work alone 
With Batman, he's always considered the 'the one without powers'. So with a new story, comes another chance for writers, like Geoff, to portray Batman as a brash young hero who fills the need to show his superiority in mind and will. I like how Batman is portrayed like this, because everyone underestimates his brain power, but in the end - they always loose. And concerning other heroes; when you put them all in one room, they always fight over leadership. MOST heroes prefer to work alone probably some like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, they are considered outsiders at the most. So a lack in teamwork for the members of the Justice League will be a problem in future issues.  
We see in the comic that the first threat of the Justice League will be Darkseid. The big battle that will roll out between Darkseid's forces and the J.L. will be an epic battle win the making. I am glad to see Jim Lee's artwork again. He always creates great illustrations of the characters, always making them look realistic. It will be good to see his future artwork for the next issues.  

The Bad

With so much going on now, it seems likely that a new story would require Batman and Superman to fight. This seems like an old tactic that has been used to many times. Even during the pre-crisis of 'New 52' Batman fought Superman under mind control. So if it is one thing that has to go, it's the constant struggle to see who is the top hero. Obviously, Superman is cocky and uses his powers more than his head (thankfully) a good change for Superman's character since he is the boy scout. However, old habits die hard - really fast. 

The Verdict   

Great jumping on point for new readers. I do recommend Flashpoint also, but begin to place your pre-52 crisis comics away, because New 52 will certainly fill up your comic boxes. This first issue of Justice League will set sail to the eventual New 52 comics of the future. What is your say in all of this? Is this something you've been waiting for, or is it totally expected by DC to continue to refresh their comics to keep new readers interested? I know I don't want to see a 200 year old Superman or an 80 year old Batman, so this might be necessary until DC begins to change the mantle of the characters. But who would really want to give the mantle of iconic characters to some unknown character? Overall the writing and art has made this be a must have, and you never know in 30 years or so this will be worth something. This is a 4 out of 5. - "New 52 living long and strong" 
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