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The former villains announce their plans for the betterment of humankind! But while they're behaving as saviors to the populace, they strike out at their ultimate target--the Justice League!

Martian Manhunter searches the world for Aquaman. Transforming into a dolphin, he tracks Arthur though the ocean. Elsewhere in the world, the Toyman develops prosthetic limbs for people in need. News reports confirm that many villains are helping to solve the world's problems. J'onn locates the structure that Aquaman located and finds a deserted city; a psychic attack sends him reeling. As J'onn falls to the ground images of a burning Mars fill his mind; he has been attacked by Gorilla Grodd. At a UN conference convened by Wonder Woman, Cheetah sneaks in and prepares for her attack.

In Arkham, Joker demands that Riddler tell him what is going on, but Riddler informs him that the plotters do not want him involved. Luthor teleports into Riddler's cell, and the two escape. Joker shouts that he only stays in Arkham as long as it's funny, and it's not funny anymore.

At the JLA satellite, Red Tornado sees that someone has teleported onto the satellite. Suddenly, the android begins to tear himself to pieces. Grodd tells his allies that he has taken the secrets the satellite held, and he now knows the identity of all the Leaguers. Luthor announces that it's time to make a statement about the good things they have been doing for humanity.

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