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Witness the triumphant return of Green Lantern and his showdown with Sinestro in the penultimate issue of JUSTICE! Captain Marvel's incredible victory! The challenge of Aquaman! But will the super-villains still maintain the upper hand if they have Aquaman's son and a world in their grasp?

The Joker is amused by Brainac's efforts to deal with the Justice League, and the losses being suffered by the villain. Braniac claims to have the situation under control, escaping with the major villains.

The Parasite absorbs some of Black Adam's power, steals Metallo's Kryptonite core, and, with Bizarro's help, plans to strip Superman of his lead armor and kill him. This plan is foiled when Captain Marvel is revealed under "Superman's" armor. Hal Jordan strips off his iron armor and battles Sinestro. Hal reveals that he bears a yellow Qwardian power ring, filtered by a fragment of Blue Kryptonite to disguise its wavelength. He uses the Kryptonite to dispose of Bizarro.

Captain Marvel forces the drained Black Adam to revert into his Teth Adam form and subdues him. Tin stops the weakened Parasite. Green Lantern and Sinestro take their battle in space.

John Stewart uses his power ring to free the Teen Titans and burn off the Brainiac nanotech. In addition, he erases the knowledge of the League members' identies from the villains' minds. Brainiac's control over them is broken.

Gorilla Grodd reveals to J'onn Brainac's plan to deploy the world's weapons of mass destruction. Superman forces Luthor to help the League reach Toyman's stronghold.

Brainiac, holding Arthur Jr. hostage, sends an army of android replicas of himself to battle the League, as Superman calms Aquaman.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro battle in space until the waning energies of their yellow rings cause them to plummet to the ground. John Stewart sends Hal the green ring; Hal saves Sinestro's life.

Scarecrow douses the civilians with his fear gas, sending them into a maddened frenzy against the League.

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