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Green Arrow is the focus of this issue, which also features The Doom Patrol, The Metal Men, The Titans, Supergirl and others on the battlefield! But whose side are they on? The villains' plot to exploit the innocent may even affect the heroes' comrades, colleagues and co-combatants!

The villains celebrate their victory; Brainiac, deploying Arthur Jr., hopes to restore Colu's glory on Earth. The world hails them as heroes.

The League storms into the villains' base. Green Arrow and Black Canary escape into the vent system, leaving behind their Metal Men controlled shells as decoys, while the Doom Patrol deals with the mind-controlled Teen Titans and Supergirl. Gold and Tina sacrifice themselves to stop Metallo and the Parasite. Ralph Dibny, in the ventillation system, does the same for Canary and Green Arrow. As the Doom Patrol falls, the Joker shows himself, laughing at Robotman's dismantled head.

Batman and the Atom are able to subdue Luthor, and, at the same time, the Joker detonates explosive he has planted all over the "safe heaven" built by the villains for hosting the sick and crippled people they have cured. Green Arrow fools the mind-controlled Supergirl, and delivers to John Stewart Hal Jordan's power ring.

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