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It was quite a coup, Stan "the Man" Lee, ex-Editor-in-Chief of Marvel comics and the writer responsible for creating most of Marvel's greatest heroes swapped sides to write for DC. Teaming up with comicdom's top artists, Lee put his own unique take on DC's iconic Super Heroes. The series consisted of 13 prestige format books and started with Batman, drawn by art legend Joe Kubert. Lee's Batman was Wayne Williams, a black teenager jailed for a crime he didn't commit. Wayne wanted revenge for his father's murder at the hands of a local mobster named Handz. In jail, Williams was befriended by Frederick Grant who urged Wayne to make more of himself. After several years, Wayne was released. He still wanted to bring Handz to justice but needed money to put his plans into action. Creating a new identity for himself, Wayne became a professional wrestler named the Batman, soon becoming famous as well as rich.

Wayne used his wealth to hire Grant, who upgraded his wrestling costume, so it could be used to help Wayne fight crime. At long last he confronted Handz, who fell to his death during the fight. A sub-plot ran through each book as the Reverend Darkk tried to bring his evil master, Crisis to Earth. After introducing his take on Batman and the Superman, Stan Lee brought the JLA together for a series of adventures as they tried to save the world from the Reverend Darkk's plans and ultimately from the demonic Crisis.

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