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From a young age, Juno excelled at combat piloting and starship repair.  She attended a piloting academy in her home planet of Corulag and was able to graduate at 14.  After completing many notable missions successfully and gaining the respect of her commander and peers alike, Juno rose through the ranks and eventually became the leader of an elite unit of TIE fighters called the Black Squadron, who wer under the direct command of Darh Vader himself.   After proving her worth in battle, Vader personally handpicked her to be the pilot of a secret ship used to transport his secret apprentice, Galen Marek.  Throughout the whole story, Juno was totally unaware of Marek's apprenticeship to Lord Vader and instead thought that he was one of Vader's Imperial spies.  As the story progresses, Juno and the Secret Apprentice become romantically involved.

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