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When she was growing up, Junko's father was sensi and security guard to Ryjui Hyata, a Yakuza member. The year she turned fifteen, Hyata killed her father. After her father's funeral, Hyata showed up at the family home and killed her mother. Junko arrived home in time to see her mother's final moment on earth. At that moment, she vowed revenge on Hyata. She moved to the city and begin training in the geisha arts while honing her fighting skills at night. She patiently bid her time until she got very close to Hyata. The first moment she was alone with him and he made advances towards her, she stabbed him in the heart. She ran from the scene, chased down by his body guards. She crossed the street in front of Tommy Arashikage on his bike. She is chased into an alley by Hyata's bodyguards and he hesitates before going after her to help. After they defeat Hyata's men and escape, he takes her on as his secret apprentice. As they train together, Junko begins to realize that she is falling in love with Tommy.

Major Story Arcs

Master and Apprentice II

We are introduce to Junko as Storm Shadow's secret apprentice, who is also revealed to be his lover too. They are hiding from Cobra Commander with Billy when they are discovered and attacked by Cobra Commander and the Night Creepers. They begin to fight and are making their way to the elevator when the Night Creepers set off an explosion separating Junko from Billy and Tommy. Junko is captured by the Night Creepers and taken back to Red Ninja Clan's retreat in Tibet, where Sei Tin has just gained back control. She is tortured for days, until they ultimately brainwash her into thinking Storm Shadow is in on the torture. When Storm Shadow arrives to rescue her, she attacks him, thinking he is the enemy. They fight, all the while Tommy is trying to get through to her. Finally realizing what is going on, Junko decides she cannot live with it any longer and jumps off a cliff into a underground river. However, no body ever washes up.

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