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This issues opens with the debut of Wild Side- a brand-new team-up of Tara(Femforce)Fremont, Nyoka, Cave Girl, Tygra and Princess Pantha, as they explore another island owned by Tara's rich father, T. C. Originally purchased for and named after Tara when she was a baby, unknown to her T. C. had allowed U.S. government nuclear testing there at one time. And though the radiation has now dissipated, it houses strange mutants and time anomalies, as the girls learn when they get "Five Tickets To Taragonia!", the start of a new, ongoing series in JG. Written and drawn by Nick Northey, with inks by Rene Maglalang, Ray Arias, Mark Heike, and Michael White. Guest starring She-Cat.

Then, a vintage Golden Age tale of Nedor's Princess Pantha, from a late 1940's issue of Thrilling Comics- "The Girl Who Kept Faith", drawn by Artie(Supergirl)Saaf.

Plus, another Fiction House classic, Camilla, Wild Girl of the Congo, in "The Gold of the Bantu Chieftain", as illustrated by Matt Baker. Great glamorous pinup style comic art.

Color cover by Rik Levins and Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones.

36 pages

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