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When July appears, he was tasked with the mission of tracking down Havoc, a highly dangerous Contractor, alongside his partners November 11 and April. After that mission was resolved, they were given the orders to help Misaki Kirihara to track down BK-201 (Hei). After the death of November 11, July and April paid their respects at his grave, then left.

July reappears in Gemini of the Meteor, witnessing April's star fall from the sky. He's later seen helping Suou fend off Mina and Genma by acting as a spotter. He then joins Suou, Hei, and Mao in finding Shion. During the final events in Hell's Gate, July's approached by another MI6, August 7, who informs July they've been ordered to return home, but July refuses and states he wants to stay with Suou. When reunited, July leads Suou to Shion and Yin (Izanagi and Izanami). Yin then extracts his soul, killing him in the process. July appears in the alternate universe Shion created for Suou, where he's alive and seemingly, not a doll.

Character Evolution

Like most Dolls, July was generally emotionless. He never smiled, nor did he show any signs of feeling any sort of pain (although it was revealed he does). After the death of November 11, July refered to him as his "friend", which shocked Misaki. Hei and Suou would sometimes force a smile on July's face using their fingers in a humorous way. During the final events in Hell's Gate, it was made obvious that July had grown an emotional attachment to Suou and Hei, although he's a Doll.

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