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The Woman Behind The Traveler

When responding to a siting of yet another Split-Second Man, Julia and agent Ramirez were hot on his trail. Meanwhile, The Traveler was trying to keep a bus driver safe that was a couple minutes late on his bus route. When Traveler beat the Split-Second Man, agent Julia and Ramirez were already waiting for him. Calling him a criminal, Julia told Travler that he has the right to remain silent. However at that time, The Split-Second man gained consciousness once again and killed Julia! Traveler was shocked, but eventually rewound time to save her from a cruel death!

 Julia's Grave marked with an infinity symbol
Julia is the daughter of a scientist named, Martin and also the boy friend/soon to be wife of Ron Lessik. Ron is the future Traveler, and when his older self told him that Julia was going to be lost in time and the two would have to team up, Ron didn't like this. Instead he used his new found time powers, and beat up his future self to never be a "re-run" of his broken life. Soon enough the two merged and Ron of the present, now Traveler, decided to save his future wife and also take down Colding for killing Julia's father. Traveler states that he will find Julia even if it takes the end of time. 

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