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Julia Frostick is the supervisor of St. Bartholomew's Hospital in Vanity City. While there, she dated, and was eventually engaged to Dr. Clarence Forbes. Also while at St. Bart's, she met new doctor Curt Falconer. However, the background on Dr. Falconer didn't add up. After being in the right place at the right time, she discovered that Dr. Falconer was actually the alias of Vanity City's newest hero, Aztek

 Aztek and Julia's almost-kiss
When Aztek was badly hurt, he confided his secret identity to Julia, who had already discovered it. After wards, the two became friends. Julia covered for Aztek when emergencies called him away from the hospital, and Julia became a sounding board for Aztek to allow him to confide in someone when his super-heroic life became too crazy. When Aztek was hurt badly again by the Joker, Julia was approached by the Q-Foundation, Aztek's mysterious backers, and they asked her to keep an eye on him. Julia and Aztek eventually developed feelings for each other, and almost shared a kiss; however, Julia was unwilling to risk her future marriage by cheating on her fiance. 
It is presumed that Julia still works at  St. Bartholomew's Hospital after Aztek's death.

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