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Julia Cabot

Another Romeo and Juliet Tragedy.
Julia is a human who became Icarus' (Joshua "Jay" Guthrie) girlfriend. Jay recognized her and their old flame got back leading them into a relationship that caused so much trouble to their families. The Guthries and the Cabots set themselves into a family feud. Julia's father have killed Jay and his body was left with Julia. After the incident, Julia was so much depressed. She took Jay's corpse to a lake and sank at the bottom cause she thinks that it would be better for her to suicide than to live without her beloved Jay. Unfortunately, Jay's healing powers manifested and brought him back to life while Julia died. Icarus brought her body back to land and tried to kill himself with a pointed stick but his healing powers would cure him again and again. The X-men then found him and stoped him.

As a remembrance, Jay kept their pictures and placed it to his room while he is still living at the Institute.

But for after some years, Stryker leading the Cabots to the mechanized armor units. With Jay's guilt assured, he was apprehended by Stryker and the Purifiers then, he was killed by being shot on his head.

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