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Jukko was once part of the Finnish Bear Force a group of elite soldier who were candidates for possible super-human therapy as the Finnish lack natural super-heroes. However Jukko refuse out of fear of what he could become however his more ambitious brother join, Lemminkäinen. Within short time Lemminkäinen became the first fully power Finnish man but he was far from hero, he used his power of dominance over will to take control of the Finnish population make him them believe that they all needed to become super-power individuals. And then begun the madness as millions when through the experiment just as many millions die unable to survive the processes. One of the many survivors was a man by the name of Pekka Viljo who develop the ability to cast psi-wall covering Finland double as the 'Masking Wall'. Jukko's brother was obsess in given him powers but Jukko resister everything for eight-months until one day he was unable to take anymore of it. The process by which Lemminkäinen give other super-power included scanning their minds in order to find what they wanted and then simple given it to them, in Jukko's case the ability to share other pain to show the world what monster his brother was. Once the process was done Lemminkäinen asked for handshake from his brother and Jukko did just that and while the pain he received from his brother was high his brother was instantly incinerated. Yet the pain was not over Lemminkäinen was connected to Finland and so die millions along with Pekka Viljo who became a sort of psi-ghost forever allowing the Masking Wall to exist. Jukko joined Team Achilles as representative of his nation and monitoring super-human activities.

Powers: Jukko can feel others pain for three-kilometer radius, when sleep it shrinks to half a kilometer, he can turn this pain back on people but only upon touching them. He is incredible skill in guns and physical combat with equal only to Midnighter who is know for his incredible skills.

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