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The Bells are Ringing: Big Ethel sees Jughead walk into the department store. He tells her that he wants to buy a gift for his mother’s birthday. Ethel wants to help him choose a gift, and Jughead grudgingly agrees. Ethel puts a ring on her finger and tells Jughead what a great gift it would be for his mother. Jughead agrees and tells Ethel to take it off, but it seems to be stuck on her finger! Jughead buys the ring with Ethel wearing it, and tells her to remove it somehow as they reach her home. However, Ethel runs off to the Chocklit Shoppe to show Betty and Veronica the ring. As she shows off the ring to the girls, Jughead comes in with a saw, ready to get the ring one way or another. He runs after Ethel, and Veronica hits him with a tray. Ethel angrily gives the ring back to Jughead, and Jughead leaves the shoppe, thinking how easy it would have been to just take his mother to a hamburger stand for her birthday instead.

Rival: Archie sees Veronica go into a classroom in school, and tells Jughead that Veronica is two timing him. After Veronica leaves, Archie rushes in to find out who Veronica was talking to, but it turns out to be only Betty. Archie realizes he made a fool of himself and can’t control his jealousy. He sees Veronica go into another room and gets angry once again. He rushes inside the room and starts hitting the man Veronica was talking to, but it turns out to be Mr. Weatherbee!

The Lid’s Off: Betty sees Jughead hiding in a trash can, and asks why he is hiding there. Before he can answer, Big Ethel comes and grabs him. Betty feels guilty for accidentally giving Jughead’s hideout away, and Jughead calls her a fink. Ethel and Betty get into an argument on whose side Betty is on, when Archie comes along. Betty decides to have Jughead and Ethel replay the actions and Archie be the judge of Betty’s intentions. Jughead goes back in the trash can, and Betty and Ethel start replaying their actions. Only this time, when they open the can, Jughead is not inside. Ethel leaves, feeling frustrated, and Betty and Archie find Jughead hiding above them. Betty now feels guilty for betraying Ethel.

You Said It: Little Jinx’s father finds Little Jinx concentrating. Lil Jinx tells him that she is working on her composition for school and has only thought of the title so far, which is called “Neatness begins at home”. As she says this, her father looks at her messy room and gets shocked.

Like it is, Baby: Mr. Weatherbee finds Jughead carrying a life preserver in school and wants to know why. Jughead tells him that he is giving an extra credit talk on safety, and starts describing it in detail. Mr. Weatherbee gets tired of listening to him and tells him to continue. Later, Ms. Grundy finds Jughead carrying a wagon wheel and demands an explanation. He tells her it’s for shop class and starts describing the constructions of the wheel. Ms. Grundy gets tired of listening to him too and leaves. Then, Professor Flutesnoot finds Jughead carrying a bird cage, and Jughead starts explaining the genetic backgrounds and eating habits of the birds. Professor Flutesnoot gets tired of listening to Jughead as well and leaves. Jughead then goes to Reggie and Archie and accepts Reggie's dare, which is to trundle a wheel barrow through the school halls. The loser of the dare has to ride the other person in the wheelbarrow home. Jughead happily pushes the wheelbarrow through the halls, with Mr. Weatherbee, Miss Grundy and Professor Flutesnoot around. They happily greet him, thinking it is for some experiment he is working on. Reggie is shocked and ends up pushing Jughead home in the wheelbarrow.

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